Complete Resource List for Milling Wheat + Baking Breads at Home


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I get asked all the time what supplies or tools are needed in order to start milling wheat and baking fresh breads at home. I made this page to hopefully make it really easy for you to see the tools and supplies as I have weeded through the things you don’t need and given you only the supplies that are necessary or highly recommended.

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I hope this is a helpful resource for you and please let me know how else I may be of help to you on your journey towards healthier breads for your family!

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NutriMill Harvest
The most beautiful stone grain mill on the market. SHOP HERE.
NutriMill Classic
Love this mill and how finely it grinds my grains. SHOP HERE.

My favorite place to buy grains is Azure Standard. They are an online, bulk, organic food co-op with drops all across the continental United States. SHOP HERE.



Ankasrum Mixer
Hands down my absolute favorite mixer that I have ever used. It has a steep price point, but it’s worth it if you bake a lot.
If you want to make 2 loaves at a time, this is the best tool for the job. The dough hook is necessary as well. SHOP HERE.
If making multiple loaves at a time isn’t a priority to you and you also are fairly limited on time – the bread machine is going to be your best friend. You can quickly add the freshly milled flour + other ingredients and the machine will do the rest. Seriously. SHOP HERE.
STAINLESS STEEL BREAD PANS You will need bread pans for your loaves. Decide how many loaves you plan to bake at once and get that many loaf pans. SHOP HERE.
If you don’t want to purchase through azure, I have purchased from this company on amazon many many times and have loved the product. SHOP HERE.
I also love this brand from amazon if Azure standard doesn’t deliver to your area. SHOP HERE.
Soft White Wheat
I also love this brand from amazon if Azure standard doesn’t deliver to your area. SHOP HERE.
I love this yeast and it has never failed me in all 10 years of baking our breads from scratch. SHOP HERE.
If you are making all this amazing bread, then you will need a really good bread knife to go with it! This one is my favorite. SHOP HERE.

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  1. I will be taking your course starting tomorrow. You’re the most thourough person I have heard out there. I have a mach mill but it has not been very good. thank you for the interview with the simple homesteader

    1. Hello! which cookbook? The homestead kitchen one? It was only available for 10 days so its not available now. Sorry! We Will have more though!

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