Freshly Milled Bread Workshop

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This one-of-a-kind video based workshop will walk you through everything you need to know about getting started milling flour at home and baking delicious and healthy breads and treats for your family.

YOU Can Master Bread-Making And I Can Help!

The Generation Acres Farm Freshly Milled Bread Workshop is an online class designed to help you learn the basics FAST so you can quickly become a more confident bread maker, specifically with freshly milled wheat.

You will learn the basics and continue to grow in your abilities as you expand into more challenging recipes like cinnamon rolls, speciality breads and more. The Freshly Milled Bread Workshop breaks everything down and makes learning bread making SIMPLE so you can relax and enjoy the process.

This bread course covers mostly yeasted dough recipes but has a few sourdough ones as well!

What you get

With your purchase

You’ll have instant, unlimited access to the video lessons that will walk you through the steps to get you started milling wheat and baking the healthiest and most delicious bread possible. We’ll start with the basics like grain types and supplies and then move along to the actual bread making videos. With these videos + your access to our exclusive Facebook group, you will be able to ask questions and get real answers and troubleshooting help from Kristin!

  • Fresh Milled Recipe eBook that you can download and use from your phone or tablet, or even print to keep in your kitchen!
  • You will learn the best techniques for making breads with fresh milled flour as Kristin shares from her 12+ years of experience.
  • The course is self-paced so you can take your time going through each module and always go back and access the videos and lessons again as needed.
  • LIFETIME access to the bread course – your membership will never expire!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there is a lesson on this. It is not a science, but I give my very best advice from my 12+ years of experience with converting recipes.

Yes! You definitely can! Kristin will walk you through all the steps and you can reach out to Kristin via the private Facebook group if you have questions.

You will have lifetime access to the lessons. You can always come back and revisit the videos if you have questions or need a refresher.

There is a little bit of both! Most of the lessons have videos, but some are text only. There is also a downloadable recipe eBook that you will love!

What our Students are saying

I’m ready to change my family’s health with freshly milled flour!

10 reviews for Freshly Milled Bread Workshop

  1. Linda

    I was finally able to make some successful delicious fresh milled flour loaves once I got this workshop and learned how to do it properly. I had tried several other recipes I had found on various websites and each one produced unsuccessful flat loaves. So thankful for this workshop.

    • kristin

      We are SO glad to hear that the workshop has helped you become a successful fresh milled baker! 🙂

  2. MJ

    Would give more than 5 stars if I could! My husband developed a gluten intolerance 2 years ago and we’ve struggled to find alternatives that taste good/have a good texture. I came across Kristin’s podcast episode with Farmhouse on Boone and learned about freshly milled flour for the first time. We signed up for the class, got all the tools/ingredients, and made our first loaf of bread this weekend. And my husband was able to eat it with no problems!! Plus it was delicious. This is a game changer for us – we can’t wait to make pizza, cinnamon rolls, and more again thanks to this class and the recipes provided 😊 This plus the tools are an investment but I think it’s going to be well worth it for our family!

  3. Sandy Graham

    Simple to follow, great course! And afterwards she answers any questions you post in her Facebook group!

  4. Brianna Meyer

    I would not have had a clue on where to start when it came to freshly milled bread if not for this course. But in less than 1 month from taking the bread course, I had a simple and easy routine for making bread regularly for my family of 6. Our bodies feel better and the bread tastes AMAZING!
    I will never go back to store-bought bread.

  5. Sarah

    Life changing! For years I thought to myself it can’t be gluten it has to be something else. This workshop finally helped me enjoy baked goods again. The workshop is very well written and makes understanding it just so easy!

  6. Sarah

    This workshop was life changing! I’ve avoided gluten for quite some time. The Workshop helped me enjoy gluten again and make flawless fresh milled breads and so much more . Her workshop is very organized, packed full of great stuff, and easy to understand.

  7. Jayme Hefner

    Absolutely life changing!! The course has allowed me to eat FRESH gluten after 8years of G/F! I’m no longer G/F in my home with fresh milled flour! I’m now starting to share loaves with my local community and they’re loving this! Thank you for this course!

  8. Allison Henderson (verified owner)

    Kristin’s course is phenomenal and saved me hours of experimenting in the kitchen when I began my fresh milled flour journey this year. Her recipes are delicious and so versatile that you can spend one afternoon baking and provide fresh baked goods for the whole week. I would highly recommend her course to anyone who is wanting to begin baking with fresh milled flour.

  9. (verified owner)

    I have been on a journey to make the food my family eats more wholesome for a while now. I was unwilling to give up an entire food group – and I felt like grains/flours/breads were being villianized in many of the healthy eating resources I saw. After talking with Kristin and learning about fresh milled flour I knew this is something I wanted to incorporate into our family. I have a background in professional cooking and I have baked bread for years, but this course was absolutely necessary! I learned so much and it saved me a ton of time trying to “get it right” on my own. There’s definitely a learning curve with switching to fresh milled grains and Kristin’s course and recipes helped make our transition seamless. My family loves everything I make with Kristin’s recipes. Even my pickier eaters are happy and it makes me happy knowing they filling up on something nutritious and delicious.

  10. (verified owner)

    Appreciate the hardwork done.. I was little disappointed as the information was not what I expected.. I got a nutrimillet harvest and was expecting a video on that. Was also looking for techniques which doesn’t involve any machine making recipe. I like the introductory part which explained why fresh milled flour. Overall it’s good. Thank you

    • kristin (verified owner)

      Thanks for your review. I didn’t own a harvest mill when I created this course which is why there is not a tutorial video on it. But I have one in the works and will add it to the course as soon as it’s completed 🙂

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