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    Bread Bow Knife


    We were on the hunt for the perfect bread knife and this beautiful artisan bow knife checks all the boxes. These knives are hand crafted by an established artisan with over 20 years of experience, right here in the USA. They start with the finest lumber, then are cut and sanded until the wood becomes soft like velvet. The handle is made of cherry wood and the blade is made of high carbon steel. The shape of the handle provides proper tension to the blade while slicing. Cutting bread, tomatoes, meat and cheeses just got a lot easier with this beautiful and extremely sharp knife. No pressure is needed, just a gentle sawing motion. Truly a remarkable masterpiece that is so well made it can be passed on to the next generation.

  • Dehydrated Sourdough Starter


    This packet comes with 10 grams of dehydrated sourdough starter from my kitchen to yours. You will easily rehydrate this starter with just flour and water. Package comes with instructions on how to rehydrate. You will be baking delicious breads in no time with this sourdough starter!

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    Farmhouse Cross Back Apron


    This versatile farmhouse style cross-back apron is the best apron for keeping your clothes clean while you tend to the daily tasks of your household. I love the cross-back design and that there are no strings or fabric around my neck. The big pockets in the front come in very handy and the length is just right to keep spills and splashes from ruining your outfit. The color is the most lovely peacock blue that I think looks flattering on any skin-tone. The twill tag has small loaf of bread and reads “Generation Acres Farm” in descreet font. These aprons are handmade with 100% cotton fabrics.

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    Freshly Milled Bread Workshop


    This one-of-a-kind video based workshop will walk you through everything you need to know about getting started milling flour at home and baking delicious and healthy breads and treats for your family.

    YOU Can Master Bread-Making And I Can Help!

    The Generation Acres Farm Freshly Milled Bread Workshop is an online class designed to help you learn the basics FAST so you can quickly become a more confident bread maker, specifically with freshly milled wheat.

    You will learn the basics and continue to grow in your abilities as you expand into more challenging recipes like cinnamon rolls, speciality breads and more. The Freshly Milled Bread Workshop breaks everything down and makes learning bread making SIMPLE so you can relax and enjoy the process.

    This bread course covers mostly yeasted dough recipes but has a few sourdough ones as well!

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    Freshly Milled Recipes eBook


    This eBook is packed with over 20 of our family favorites. The amazing health benefits of freshly milled flour should not be over-looked and with these recipes you will be creating delicious and nutritious breads and treats for your family in no time!

    Some of the recipes include: sandwich bread, raisin bread, bread machine recipe, pizza crust, dinner rolls, cinnamon swirl bread, hamburger buns, cinnamon rolls, garlic rolls, muffins, chocolate cake, maple oatmeal cookies, pancakes, waffles, fruit cobbler, sourdough and more!

  • NutriMill Classic Grain Mill


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     NutriMill is the world’s most popular maker of grain mills, and the NutriMill Classic has been its #1 selling mill for over 20 years!  The NutriMill Classic electric grain mill uses a high speed impact chamber (also called a micronizer) with stainless steel milling heads to create flour from grains and beans. The NutriMill Classic has raised the bar for grain mill design with new features and abilities users have asked for—a combination of features found in no other impact mill. The new design of the NutriMill Classic’s impact chamber allows you to put grain into the hopper before you turn it on with no risk of plugging the mill, which can happen with older mill designs. Even if stopped during grinding, the NutriMill Classic restarts again without trouble. With the NutriMill Classic you have the ability to grind from super fine, much finer than any other impact mill, to coarser flour you need for perfect cornbread. Its impact grain milling heads provide a 400% range of adjustment from fine to coarse, ten times greater than earlier impact mills.

  • NutriMill Harvest Grain Mill


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    The Most Versatile Mill on The Market Quickly and easily mill all non-oily grains, beans, and legumes. Shaped from bamboo the Harvest is elegant all while being eco-friendly and sustainable. The countertop size fits easily into any kitchen, and the adjustable texture control knob enables a choice to mill fine, medium, or coarse (cracked grain to a pasty fine flour) to fit your baking needs. The near diamond-hard corundum milling stones offer exceptional cutting performance to mill even the hardest of grains and create high-quality flour.  

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    Sourdough Essentials Kit With Starter


    Elevate your bread-making experience with the Sourdough Essentials Kit With Starter. This kit has all of my favorite tools and supplies for sourdough bread making.

    Whats Included:
    • 2 Banneton Baskets: Produce perfectly risen loaves with our natural rattan banneton baskets, complete with a classic spiral design.
    • 2 Bread Bags: Store and preserve your sourdough bread in our eco-friendly, reusable bags.
    • Dough Whisk: Effortlessly blend your ingredients, especially when using fresh flour from your NutriMill.
    • Bench Knife: Essential for shaping and managing your dough with precision.
    • Lame with 5 Blades: Achieve professional scoring for optimal bread expansion
    • Dehydrated Sourdough Starter: active sourdough starter, dehydrated for safe shipping. Comes with instructions to rehydrate and have your own bubbly and active starter.
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