Sourdough Essentials Kit With Starter


Elevate your bread-making experience with the Sourdough Essentials Kit With Starter. This kit has all of my favorite tools and supplies for sourdough bread making.

Whats Included:
  • 2 Banneton Baskets: Produce perfectly risen loaves with our natural rattan banneton baskets, complete with a classic spiral design.
  • 2 Bread Bags: Store and preserve your sourdough bread in our eco-friendly, reusable bags.
  • Dough Whisk: Effortlessly blend your ingredients, especially when using fresh flour from your NutriMill.
  • Bench Knife: Essential for shaping and managing your dough with precision.
  • Lame with 5 Blades: Achieve professional scoring for optimal bread expansion
  • Dehydrated Sourdough Starter: active sourdough starter, dehydrated for safe shipping. Comes with instructions to rehydrate and have your own bubbly and active starter.

Extra Details

  • 10 grams of dehydrated sourdough starter
  • Instructions on how to rehydrate and activate
  • 2 banneton baskets
  • 2 bread bags
  • 1 dough whisk
  • 1 bench knife
  • bread lame with 5 extra blades

This is the best sourdough essentials kit on the internet. Nothing is left out. Baskets, bread lame, bench knife, dough whisk, bread bags and even sourdough starter!

The sourdough starter has been dehydrated to enable it to be safely shipped and stored. The instructions are simple and you will have a bubbly and active starter of your own in no time at all!


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