Everyday Whole Grains Cookbook PHYSICAL COPY *PREORDER*


**This is a preorder for a beautiful, professionally-printed, spiral bound copy of the cookbook. The preorders are expected to be fulfilled by the end of the week of 6/16/2024**

If you’ve ever wondered how fresh-milled flours can transform your cooking journey, you’re in for a treat.

Exploring a cookbook that focuses on from-scratch meals, homemade breads, delightful desserts, and pantry staples can elevate your kitchen experience. Imagine biting into a warm loaf of bread, crafted from flour you milled yourself, bringing out flavors and textures you never knew existed.

Creating homemade recipes allows you to control every ingredient, ensuring freshness and healthier options for you and your loved ones. With this cookbook, you’ll unlock the secrets to making everything from hearty loaves of bread, nutritious meals and even sweet indulgences, all from scratch. The attention to detail in these recipes can lead you to discover new favorite dishes that you’ll want to share with everyone.

From-Scratch Meals

In this cookbook, you will find healthy meals with an emphasis on whole and simple ingredients. These recipes are family favorites and I know you will love them as well!

Homemade Breads

There’s something deeply satisfying about baking bread from scratch. The aroma of dough rising and baking is irresistible. Techniques like kneading and proofing, along with the right balance of ingredients, yield loaves that are both delicious and nutritious. This book features both sourdough and yeasted breads.

Homemade Pantry Staples

You’ll find joy in crafting your own kids snacks, crackers and drinks that store-bought versions just can’t compete with.  Making these items from scratch ensures you know exactly what’s in your food. No preservatives or artificial ingredients – just pure, wholesome goodness.

Delightful Desserts

Desserts made with fresh flours take your sweet treats to the next level. Cookies, cakes, and pastries gain a depth of flavor that’s hard to achieve with pre-processed flours.

What’s Included?

  • 70+ easy to follow recipes
  • The recipes are created with fresh milled flour in mind, however I did include instructions for how to adapt the recipes for using store-bought flours.
  • Breads
  • Breakfast recipes
  • Lunch/Dinner Recipes
  • Family Snacks
  • Desserts
  • Drinks
  • Pantry Staples
  • Supply Lists
  • Where to source organic whole grains
  • Sourdough breads
  • Yeasted Breads


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