Kristin is a follower of Christ, wife and mother to 4. She and her family are in the process of building their homestead on 35 abandoned acres on the East Coast. She spends her days homeschooling her children, running her online businesses, cooking and baking from scratch and continuing to build and improve their homestead. Kristin is passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and is a big believer in the health benefits of freshly milled grains. She has taken her knowledge and experience from the last 12 years of freshly milled baking and is now sharing it with the world. She talks and educates online about the benefits of freshly milled flour. Kristin truly believes that freshly milled flour has the power to change one’s health and life.

We were young and I am so grateful that God chose to show us that the very thing we spent most of our 20s pursuing was not at all the life we wanted.

We immediately began looking for a home with a little bit of land. Minimum requirements were that we needed to be able to have chickens and if goats were allowed, that was a bonus.

We ended up finding a cute house on a 1/2 acre in a neighborhood without an HOA. I got chickens less than a week after we moved in with no chicken coop or anything built yet.

We enjoyed a big garden, chickens, ducks and I even milked a diary goat in our backyard for a while. But we knew we needed more land and the ability to raise more animals.

In 2020 we came across the perfect spot and snatched it up before the rest of the world went in search of land.

It was raw land with only a very old/falling down barn on the property.

We had our home built and after living on the land in a camper for 6 months, we moved into our house in March of 2022.

In the first year, we put in gardens, fenced in an area for our livestock guardian dog puppies, added dairy goats, katahdin sheep and horses to the homestead.

We are continuing to build and improve our homestead and are excited that you are here to follow along!